Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival

Dave Filmmaking

This is a film I created as a personal project during a business trip to Taiwan. I’ve been experimenting with Timelapse imagery for awhile, and this technique seems to really capture the fast-paced, bustling feel of the urban streets of Taipei. The flow of scooters when viewed in timelapse almost seem like water pouring through the streets.

The Sky Lantern festival was a magically surreal experience. There were so many lanterns flying up into the sky, it was impossible to count…just wave after wave being released into the sky. I’m not sure if the film is able to really capture the experience, but what a great subject to film.

Tech notes:
• Shot on Canon 5D mark II
• Sigma 50mm f/1.4
• VariND Duo
• Intervalometer for timelapse
• Edited in FCP on MacBook Pro
• Graded with Magic Bullet Looks

 Special thanks to my good friends at HTC in Taiwan at for taking me to the Sky Lantern Festival.