Vive Launch Campaign

Dave Digital Art, VR

I’m proud to finally be able to share some of my recent work. These images were created as part of the product launch campaign for Vive — one of the first virtual reality headsets available to consumers. Since most of my work on Vive is normally forward-looking advanced concept development, it has been refreshing to work on publicly visible marketing material.

This project was developed to show the product in use and capture the energy and excitement of experiencing virtual reality. VR is hard enough to describe to someone in person — so it was quite a challenge to capture the VR experience in a still image. Rather than simply photograph consumers wearing the product, I wanted to somehow capture the feeling of being digitally transported into a virtual world. To achieve this, I developed a ‘pixelated’ visual language and created digital illustrations from the base photographs that showed peoples physical form dissolving into the the digital world.

Nothing can compare to experiencing VR in-person for yourself — hopefully these images inspire people to go try it.